Introduce and Implement international Quality standards


Lebanon will be a regional and worldwide Leader in this field.

Development through Creating Awareness on Quality Management & Quality related Matters

We provide services


Providing support for Improving managerial.Effectiveness by enhancing teamwork & loyalty


Creating awareness and social responsibility towards International Quality standards.


Facilitating exchange of knowledge, information and skills within the business community

Who We Are & What We Do

The Lebanese Society for Quality Will focus all its efforts and its shared expertise on working with public & private entities and the whole community in order to Introduce and implement Quality Management, thus making Lebanon a regional and Global pioneer in this field

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Our Objectives

  • Eliminating unnecessary expenses and improving productivity and Ensuring a return on investment to the shareholder
  • Satisfying the final consumer needs at all levels
  • Creating a teamwork spirit
  • Establishing partnerships, and improving relations between different stakeholders
  • Creating awareness and social responsibility towards ensuring high levels of international Quality standards
  • Organizing meetings, conferences and seminars that are related to quality management
  • Preparing business committees and creating communication between committee members
  • Publishing news letters and books in relation with the fixed objectives
  • Rewarding students, managers and employees in the field of Total Quality Management

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The LSQ is intending to introduce its vision and main objectives and orientations to the following authorities: President of the Republic of Lebanon, President of the Lebanese Parliament, President of the Lebanese Council of Ministers and to the concerned Ministries & Public Organizations…

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